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3615 & 3635 Bryan Street

Some of you might have noticed two drastically improved yards while driving down Bryan Street. That’s why this May we have TWO Yards of the Month: 3615 & 3635 Bryan Street! It’s been so fun to watch these yards transform! We can’t wait to see what goodies will be growing at these homes very soon

3615 Bryan Street has poured a lot of time and work into stripping their yard and starting anew. Now there is an elongated area dedicated to local drought-tolerant flowers and plants. Further down, you will notice three covered planter boxes with fresh greens already blooming. This yard perfectly balances beauty and sustainability!

3635 Bryan Street has transformed their grassy knoll into a large front porch with comfortable seating and pops of cacti around the perimeter. Stretching across the front of the house are five planter boxes and even a coordinating mud kitchen for play time. There’s also a new local library box to borrow and exchange books!