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3119 Bryan Street

Winter can be a dreary time of year and sometimes we don’t give our landscape much attention. However, Dan Warren’s landscape at 3119 Bryan is a wonderful example of how to put some color in the yard during the winter months.

The large stone planter that stretches the length of Dan’s front porch is filled with winter hardy plants including pansies, dianthus and ornamental purple cabbages. Decorative stones have been carefully arranged throughout the entire bed. A large yaupon holly tree, loaded with red berries, anchors one end of the bed. Landscape lighting makes everything look lovely in the evening hours.

Dan’s front porch is an inviting place to spend time with friends and neighbors. Two cushioned black wicker chairs and matching table, along with a large planter, complete the picture. The only other things needed are a warm winter day and a glass of wine!