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Our cities have molded to stylish, multifarious networks centered around countless supply and demand essentials, with time and patience becoming more scarce. Our homes have evolved into places of serenity, concord, love, and enjoyment, shielding us from the madness of everyday city life. A great neighborhood where outdoor and indoor life qualities coexist can alleviate daily stress and offer peaceful human interactions. So what factors contribute to a great neighborhood?

Most collective studies and current dynamics summarize a great neighborhood as one offering walk to shops, safe streets, ability to get around easily, housing choices, city services, gathering places, special character and being part of a whole. Although our current zoning allows for many of these elements to exist, we can all help in elevating our neighborhood to its highest potential by participating in zoning cases and by joining the neighborhood association or by getting involved, which in my view is a simple important act we can all take in shaping our neighborhood.