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Basic differences:

Stray Cats:

  • Once was socialized with people, now on their own;
  • Will approach humans;
  • Kittens can be tamed if under 12 weeks

Feral Cats:

  • Not OK with people, not adoptable;
  • Prolific: populations can grow exponentially, gather in groups;

Present community problems: yowling, spraying territories, dead kittens common, feces

Ineffective remedies for feral cat populations:

  • Adoption [they can’t be tamed];
  • Feeding bans [exacerbates community impact problems;
  • leads to sick and angry populations];
  • Trap and exterminate [too many, vacuum left in population quickly re-filled]

A Humane Solution: “TNRM”

  • TRAP feral cats in cages that leave them unharmed
  • NUTER them at the SPCAA, ear is clipped to identify caught cats
  • RETURN them to the community
  • MANAGE the population with feeding program.

Since feral cats live only about 3 years, the population will diminish