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Howdy folks! I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather as much as I have. I saw something this week on NextDoor I thought was quite sad. I watched a video, from a home security camera, of a man taking a package off a porch.

Sadly, this is not an uncommon occurrence in our neighborhood nor those around us. While watching the video you could see a man pick up a package off the porch, put it in a grocery cart and stroll off while you can hear a woman’s voice, I suspect through the surveillance camera, asking him to bring back the package. Unfortunately, he did not.

So, what can we do to help prevent this type of activity. Sadly, the more access these thieves have to boxes the more they will continue to come around. I came across a nice article this week which discussed several ways to keep packages from getting stolen off the porch.

* Amazon Key – This service combines a smart lock and security camera that allows delivery services to place a package inside your front door. This service starts around $250. They also offer another version which involves putting the package in your trunk. Amazon Lockers is a third option which are lockers located in high-profile locations. Once a delivery is made you will receive a combination to retrieve your package. This service is free. In our neighborhood the Munkey Mart has offered to accept packages.

* BoxLock – This is a smart padlock you can use to secure a locked container on your porch. The smart padlock scans packages so that delivery drivers can unlock a box on your porch. The price starts around $130.

* Enlist a neighbor – Consider asking a neighbor to accept a package. Given most of us work during the day it may be hard to find someone although we do have some who work from home. If you wanted to start your own package acceptance at home you could probably charge a few dollars and have nice little home-run business. Just a thought!

* Have packages delivered to your office – Now, if deliveries occur when your office if not open this probably wouldn’t work for you. Also, if you are a commuter (bus, train, etc) it might not be ideal to juggle boxes when traveling home.

I hope this information is helpful. Best wishes to you all with preventing and avoiding crime. Be observant, vigilant and neighborly.

– Joseph Schill, Security