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I hope everyone is enjoying the Spring. It has been another quiet month in the neighborhood which is always nice. However, we should continually be vigilant about safety, and it’s always a good idea to think about home security. Therefore, this month we will talk about home security systems. I will give a few ideas to think about. I found these good ideas from which is a site devoted to Home Security and Safety advice.

To start, it is important to consider several key items when determining the best system and company. I will list a few considerations below to stimulate some thought.


How a system communicates with the monitoring center. The three most common ways your system can communicate with the center are: landline, cellular and broadband.

The landline is exactly as it states, it uses a landline to communicate with the monitoring center. The cellular system uses an uplink to communicate with the monitoring center when an alarm is triggered. This system is considered more reliable than a landline because it is faster and it will still function if the phone lines are cut. A broadband system sends a signal through the internet connection if an alarm is triggered. This system is also faster than a landline. Although it is not more reliable than cellular, it is less expensive.


Do-it-yourself (DIY) or professional. Some companies will offer either DIY and professional or one or the other only.

With DIY, the installation is done by the homeowner; and a set of instructions will usually accompany the system. These systems are easy to install and most take less than an hour. These systems are typically wireless and can be transferred from one home or another. This would be the system of choice for a renter given the ability to carry it with you.

The professional system could benefit the homeowner in that you wouldn’t have to worry about performing the job yourself or making a mistake during installation. The professional installer is present to answer questions during the installation process. These systems are usually either wireless or hardwired. It is important to research which one fits your need because some may require a landline. It is a good idea to consider how long you will be in the home since there may be conditions for whether you can transfer the system to a new home or location.

Home Automation:

This centers around the ability to control various events in the home beyond basic security which includes: thermostat settings, turning on and off lights, and locking doors amongst other things. This system allows one to control these various events remotely from a smart phone or a web-enabled device. With each system, you will want to determine the level of automation and control desired. Each company can offer a package based on individual needs.

Moving Forward:

All home security companies will offer a mixture of choices of each of the above items. It would be worth your time to research these ideas and companies in order to tailor the system that fits your need and location.

The top 5 companies as listed by safewise are: Frontpoint, ADT, Link Interactive, Vivint, Protect America.

Enjoy the nice weather and remember, be observant, vigilant and neighborly.

Submitted by Joseph Schill