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Howdy folks!

It has been a few months since I wrote an article for the newsletter. It’s good to be back!

This month I’m going to write about the benefits of the Neighborhood Watch Program. We have a new neighborhood police officer (NPO), and he is looking forward to having a Neighborhood Watch meeting which I believe will benefit our neighborhood. I will keep everyone posted when that will occur so we can maximize our attendance.

Here are several benefits of a Neighborhood Watch:

  • Reducing the risk of becoming a victim of crime. The risk is reduced because participants are taught to take preventative measures to substantially decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime. Neighborhood Watch programs reduce the risks of home burglaries, vandalism,
    personal assault and fraud.
  • Being better prepared to respond as suspicious activity. Communication between theneighborhood and the police department is crucial. Part of the Neighborhood Watch Program is learning how to identify and report suspicious activity. You will also learn to provide the police with the information they need to resolve the issue.
  • Information that impacts your neighborhood. Neighborhood Watch Programs are designed to keep participants apprised of trends and criminal activity so that they will be better prepared to prevent it from occurring in their neighborhood.
  • Obtaining Neighborhood Watch signs and decals to post in your neighborhood. Criminals know that if a neighborhood has a Neighborhood Watch sign posted, the neighborhood is not an easy target. It is a notice that the neighborhood is organized and does not tolerate criminal activity in the area. The sign is proof that your neighborhood has safeguards in place to detect crime and to report suspicious activity to the police.
  • Knowing your neighbors. Neighborhood Watch promotes getting to know your neighbors and their patterns. You will learn to be aware of activity that does not fit with regular schedules. This means, that when you are away, you can feel more secure about your property.
  • Reducing the fear of crime and making your neighborhood more livable. Neighborhood Watch increases the number of arrests and convictions by serving as a conduit between law enforcement in the community.
  • Allowing other areas of concern to be addressed. Neighborhood Watch participants can address other issues that concern their neighborhood are community. Examples could be fire prevention and/or child safety.

These are just a few ideas to think about. I will be coordinating a Neighborhood Watch meeting with our NPO and will give sufficient notice to those who would like to participate.

Until then. be observant, vigilant and neighborly! -Joseph