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Howdy folks! I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer and are getting ready for Fall. This is my favorite time of the year as I enjoy college football. We are just a week away.

Like many of you this summer, I have seen several reports of crime in our neighborhood. I have also seen cameras filming suspicious people lurking about in the depth of night. I am not happy about this at all, as most of you are not either.

So, what can we do? Good question! We have a new neighborhood police officer (NPO) and have approached him in helping set up a Neighborhood Watch program. Our goal is to have him meet with us, as a neighborhood, in the coming months so we can be better-prepared neighborhood against crime. I like living here and I hate to see what is happening (although it is happening in most neighborhoods all around us). I’ll keep everyone posted when we have more firm details.

What are the benefits of a Neighborhood Watch program?

. Serves as a warning to criminals: alerts the criminals that the neighborhood is concerned about crime and willing to intervene; warns criminals that they are likely being observed and reported to the police
. Promotes neighborliness: neighbors may be encouraged to interact by exchanging information about work schedules, vacation plans, and type of vehicles belonging to the homes
. Increases arrests and convictions: serves as a network through which law enforcement can collect and disseminate information on crime.

We all can imagine the benefits of a program, but what are some things to avoid after starting a program? The following may seem obvious, but a refresher is always good.

. Don’t approach suspicious people.
. Don’t hesitate to call police.
. Don’t pull over cars on patrol or any time.
. Don’t stop criminals committing crimes.
. Don’t take the law into your own hands.
. Don’t take unnecessary risks to obtain information on suspicious people or crimes.

All of the above are good ideas because at the end of the day most of us go to work tomorrow and we don’t need a Dirty Harry vigilante in the neighborhood. So, preparation is key and that will be our goal!

Folks, enjoy the rest of the summer. We (as a board) will be in touch about an upcoming Neighborhood Watch program so stay tuned. Until observant, vigilant (but not Dirty Harry), and neighborly!