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Council Member Philip Kingston

There will increasingly be a greater dispersal of housing projects throughout the city of Dallas.

In District 14 the biggest need is middle income housing. Council Member Kingston has proposed to trade requested zoning changes by uptown building developers for small number of affordable housing options for 80%.

Area Median Family Income (40K/year income) citizens in those buildings – this is called “inclusionary zoning.” Council Member Kingston encouraged residents to contact him at

Neighborhoods Plus Program—Joe Yanez

Mr. Yez recommended that we identify and mentor the organization of the neighborhoods around Bryan Place Goals of the program are to foster vital neighborhoods throughout Dallas and to do so a way that encompasses education, health, mobility, business and safety.

Some of the priorities of this program are to alleviate poverty in Dallas, reduce housing in poor condition, attract and retain the middle class, and to enhance rental housing options. For more detailed information about this plan visit www.inspire‐

Discussion from the general assembly included concerns that small businesses and retail are not included in the city’s plan.

Mr. Yanez will inquire with the city about the collaboration with and inclusion of small businesses and retail in this plan and he encouraged the membership to contact him with thoughts and questions.

Code Enforcement ‐ Jose Ruiz

Mr. Ruiz encouraged the membership to contact him with any concern, and provided his direct phone number: 214‐ 316‐5555 and email

Since January 1st of this year 437 cases, 2/3 of the work were proactive actions based on code compliance observation.

The major complaints included litter (138 cases), graffiti (33 cases), and uncut grass (100+ cases).

The tree trimming in the neighborhood was requested by the fire department in order to facilitate transportation of fire engines through the neighborhood. The city’s intention was to be thoughtful about giving neighbors notice and coordinating the tree trimming around our bulk trash.

Question from the membership about Mr. Ruiz’s role in managing the trash and pet feces in the park. Mr. Ruiz indicated that this is managed by the Parks Department but to inform him so that he can advocate on our behalf.

Question from the membership about city grass care and weed care. Mr. Ruiz noted that some of the underpasses are managed by TxDOT and not under Code Compliance jurisdiction. He also noted that mowing of city land (2% of land in Dallas) depends on budget and schedule.