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It is important that you take a few minutes to read the recommended bylaws revisions on the web. There will be no revisions to amendments at the General Membership meeting. You can find the full text of the revised bylaws here. If you need a printed version for your review, you can request one from Cotton Mendenhall (214‐642‐7676) or Linda Collins (214‐370‐0330).

The significant recommended changes which will be voted on at the October 22 general membership meeting include:

  • Term limits for officers and committee chairs to be one year and terms will be limited to four consecutive years.
  • The general membership may vote to allow members of the board to exceed the four‐year limit.
  • The majority of the board may vote a board member off the board, and the ousted board member may appeal to the general membership. An ousted board member may be reinstated by a simple majority vote of the general membership.
  • Language was changed to clarify the election of permanent committees chairs. Language for the election of officers and the Architecture and Zoning committee chair remained the same. Landscape Chair was added and Recreation Chair was deleted from the bylaws.
  • Any single check over $750 must have two signatures.
  • Any single project that spends $3000 or more must have approval from the general membership.
  • The membership year will be 12 months from the date of payment.

If you see changes to the draft that need to be made prior to the vote, your recommendations must be submit to the board by August 15th for consideration by the board on August 31st.