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It has been a while since we’ve tended to our Gateway To The Arts District, the underpass at Ross Avenue and Central Expressway. With all the development and events going on within walking distance of Bryan Place, the gateway needs some love and care.

Sadly the weeds have gotten out of control, even completely covering the pathway we created years ago in certain areas. The “Happy Shapes” lighting project is delayed. But all hope is not lost. We can re-energize our project first by sprucing it up again. We are planning an early morning clean up before it gets too warm on Saturday, June 27 from 9AM to noon. If you can spare an hour or so of your time, we need volunteers to help out as we remove the weeds and debris. Lunch will be provided to celebrate our hard work.

Mark your calendar and join your friends and neighbors as we reclaim our neighborhood gem. Thank you for all your help!