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Come ones, come twos, come all to help with some clean up and plantings in your Exall Park.

We are going to celebrate the City wide “It’s My Park Day” on Saturday, November 1st. We have some flowering beds along Bryan St. that need freshening up and new mulch. We are going to add some new mulch on the Live Oak St. side of the park also. The Whimsey Rock Garden is going to get a makeover as well.

Your help in this small and fun project for our Exall Park is needed and appreciated.

We will get started around 8:30ish to 9:00 A.M. Please come out and help if you can. You will meet some new neighbors, enjoy a cookout and cold drinks following our work. We should have everything wrapped up by noon so you can enjoy the rest of your Saturday.

Submitted by Wayne Smith