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Greetings to All,

Despite the changes in the weather Saturday morning, October 5th, our volunteers were able to get much work done in our wonderful park. We had about twenty volunteers from Bryan Place and fifteen mothers and children from the recreation center. We were able to get all the light pole bases around the park repainted and the Wi-Fi antenna. We had an army of volunteers clean out several of our beautiful flowering beds and fill with top quality new mulch. Take a look at the job that was accomplished that Saturday.

I want to thank those volunteers from our Friends group who gave of there time and energy that Saturday, making the sacrifice to help maintain this special park that we claim as ours. Exall Park has never looked better, nor being used so much by our neighbors and visitors from our community. I never like to single out people because so many have given so much. I just have to say that the residents of Bryan Place, the community that surrounds Exall Park, and the City of Dallas are so very fortunate to have volunteers who work so hard and show up for every request in our park as Chris & Jeff Lumkes and Olha & Z Prijic. Should they be an acquaintance or neighbor of yours, please let them know how grateful we are for their service to Exall Park. Exall Park is a gift for Bryan Place, and they are great stewards of our wonderful park.

Thank you all for your continued support. We will have other volunteer opportunities if you were not able to make it this last time. Thanks again for all those who did make it out. You are appreciated and loved by so many.

Take care,
Wayne Smith