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Exall Park is home to the City of Dallas Recreation Center, a full-access children’s playground, a basketball court, a softball field, a giant meadow for live concerts, shaded alleys for art exibits and demonstrations, convenient edge-of-downtown location, and undulating walking paths.

Joint improvements by the Friends of Exall Park and the City of Dallas Parks and Recreation Department since 2005 include a new playground, sidewalks,  landscape design, plantings and sprinklers in the four corners of the park, waste receptacles and pet stations, and park benches and park signage.

Designed by renowned architect George Kessler, who also created Fair Park along with many other downtown buildings, ExallPark was once home to an ornamental lily pond and decorative bridge over Mill Creek. Today, the pond is long gone, as is the bridge, but Exall Park is the center of a newly revitalized neighborhood.

Photography by Josh Martin