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Many, many thanks to the 33 volunteers who came out to help Saturday in Exall Park.

At times it was like a come and go party but we got plenty done and those who could stay the entire morning enjoyed great burgers by Chief Dale! Lettuce and tomatoes were optional thanks to Sharon Smith.

New plants were added to certain locations, old weeds were disposed of, and new mulch added to many flowering beds. Thanks to our many self proclaimed artists, all light standard bases were repainted and our Wi‐Fi antenna posts got a new coat of paint. Our electrical box next to the playground looks new thanks to the new paint added there.

I am so grateful to so many who were able to come out and help keep Exall Park the jewel of inner city parks. We had a large number of staff and volunteers from the recreation center who are always great partners and hard workers to help keep our park looking beautiful. We had a varied number of folks from the very newest to the neighborhood to many of our original Friends of Exall Park members and participants. We had guests from downtown Park and Recreation staff including the Assistant Park Director over maintenance that noticed the commitment, dedication, love, and support of our Friends group for Exall Park. They are very supportive of Exall Park and appreciate the involvement not only of just this Saturday event, but the long‐term care and consistency we have contributed to the park for so many years.