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Development along Ross has taken off and will continue to accelerate over the next several years. This is an important time for Bryan Place and we cannot afford to become complacent now. Our voice must continue to be heard at City Hall.

Our controlling development document PD 298 was developed in 1980. Urban planning and design have advanced and the document may need to be tweaked/improved by way of a layover for Ross.

Possibilities include increasing the setbacks, increasing the width of sidewalks and improving landscaping requirements, or decreasing the percentage of a lot that can be covered.

BPNA needs to have a voice in any proposed changes. We desperately need someone familiar with development, architectural or construction concepts to step up and work on behalf of Bryan Place as the Zoning Chair. Please consider your talents and skills and find some time to give back to the community.

If you’re interested, please email Cotton Mendenhall, Vice President at