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Thanks to so many Bryan Place residents for contacting our Council members and the Mayor letting them know how we feel about Ross Avenue. Several of you made the trip to City Hall to be part of a larger showing of support for Ross Avenue.

On November 10th, the council voted unanimously that Ross Avenue won’t be renamed, for Cesar Chavez or anyone else. The only council member to speak was our own Angela Hunt, who called on the city to preserve its history.

angela1…Some have implied that the looming threat of renaming Ross Avenue should be used to force the City Council to change the name of Industrial Boulevard to Cesar Chavez. I cannot emphasize how strongly I disagree with that argument. Under no circumstances should Ross Avenue be used as a political pawn in the Cesar Chavez debate. Doing so is an insult to the property owners along and near Ross Avenue, the very constituents I was elected to represent. I have heard from them loudly and clearly that they do not want to change the name of the street because of its historic nature. I share those concerns and will not support changing the name of any part of Ross Avenue…