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After working over 20 years, the Bryan Place Neighborhood Association has successfully put an end to the blight on Word Street, The BP Board gathered with a bottle of champagne and toasted the CIty of Dallas Demolition Squad as the bulldozers moved in.

For Neighbors who aren’t aware of the Blue Light, it was an operating tavern for years, before it fell into neglect and disrepair. The now vacant lot is such an improvement, it causes all ofthe residents on Word St. to celebrate!

It has taken many telephone calls to Code Enforcement and attending endless hearings to accomplish the Blue Light’s demise. Remember Neighbors, this was done by Neighbors who work, have families, care about where we all live and Volunteer. This accomplishment should awaken Neighbors who fail to join the BPNA for a mere $35 a year — less than $3 a month. Another victory that comparesto the removing of “Limos-for Y!”