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Many have asked what became of the Happy Shapes lighting project scheduled for the Ross Avenue underpass
at Central Expressway, known to us as the “Gateway To The Arts District.”

Though it has been delayed for quite some time, the project is not dead.

According the Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs (DOCA), a discussion was had with Keith Frantum from Peak Power Electrical (Company), a possible contractor. He has reviewed the electrical requirements for the project using the information provided by the artists and approved by TXDOT. He has provided them with a plan that should work within the budget as previously defined.

DOCA will review current costs with the artists and bring the bid up‐to‐date and then have a conference call with the company this month. At that time, they should be able to identify how to proceed with the project.

DOCA is very optimistic after the preliminary discussion that they will be able to arrive at an installation and cost solution that would allow them to proceed in contracting with the artists. The City Council will review the project on June 11, 2014 for approval.

The electrical would be installed after the TXDOT maintenance on the underpass scheduled for August 2014. The fabrication of the City Council approved art would start after the scheduled maintenance.

DOCA confirmed with TXDOT that there are no other plans to modify, remove or alter the underpass in any way that would impact the installation of the Happy Shapes in this location.