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(Top picture is Bryan Street Station Phase I)

The vacant lot at the corner of Pavillion and Bryan Street (behind the infamous Photenias) will soon be developed. The owner of the property, Robert Clinesmith, has contacted the BPNA Board and has committed to contacting directly the residents across the street from the proposed site about his plans.

The architecture will be similar to the Phase I buildings already there, but will be three stories instead of four.

As we understand the project, the new building can be built five (5) feet from Pavillion, straight across the lot without further modification from the existing PD. Each of the eight townhomes will have a two-car garage entered from the back of the building.

To make the project more attractive and avoid casting Pavillion in shadow, Mr. Clinesmith would like to set the building back further from the street. But in order to do that the extra parking would need to be moved to the front of the building.

You can see the layout schemes, showing the ten angled parking spaces. If you drive by the location to take a look, the parking would end quite some distance from intersection and stop sign. This would be public parking. The area beside the parking spaces would be landscaped and provide a small green area. The look would be similar to the 3030 Bryan Street condos.

In order to implement this design, Mr. Clinesmith wants the support of the Bryan Place Neighborhood for his presentation to the City. Give the Board your thoughts on this proposal. You can call me at 214-370-0330, send me an email, or use the form below. If you have an opinion, please respond by Friday, September 15.

Submitted by:
Linda Collins

Bryan Street Station Phase II

  • Owner:  Robert Clinesmith
  • Planned:  Eight Townhomes, approx 2000 s.f. in size.  Three story walk-up
  • “Head in” 90-degree parking.
  • 13 spaces on Pavillion, all inside private property.


  • The building will be 5 feet off Pavillion property line.
  • This will create a lot of concrete on the interior of Bryan Street Station
  • The proportions will look unbalanced.

Click picture to enlarge:

Proposed Design

  • 60 degree angled parking is safer
  • Allows for landscaped area adjacen to barricade
  • Mix at BSS doesn’t require more parking
  • Parking on Pavillion would be designated “public parking”
  • Better aesthetics


  • This plan requires the approval of Bryan Place

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Send us Feedback