We need Candidates for Board Positions

Your neighborhood needs you to get involved!  Please contact any member of the board to volunteer, or use the form below.


The Communications Chair is responsible for publishing and coordinating the delivery of our newsletter each month. This position collects, edits and formats information for the newsletter. Microsoft publisher is used to assemble the newsletter each month. Members of the Board contribute articles and the president provides guidance on content. If you are interested in supporting your neighborhood through this activity, please contact Gary Collins (collins3203@gmail.com or 903 857 9180). Gary has served in this position for 4 years, and it is time to pass this on to another. He looks forward to hearing from you.


The Membership Chair is a critical position for the Association. The Chair spearheads membership campaigns, collects membership documents and maintains the membership database in Excel. Prior experience not required.


The Landscape Chair is responsible for managing the landscape contracts for the neighborhood’s common areas. The Chair also identifies the Yard of the Month and writes a short description for the newsletter each month.


The Zoning Chair is responsible for providing a short article for the newsletter each month and address any issues on behalf of the Board for zoning or deed restrictions.


The President is responsible for managing the overall Association and providing guidance to the Chairs.

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