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In the last couple of weeks the City of Dallas gave a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) to the landowners of the Republic Ranch/ Palikia and The Pretty Diver for establishments operating out of compliance with the zoning that is in place for the properties. If you are familiar with these establishments on Ross Ave and Liberty St, they seem to be running nightclubs vs. restaurants.

There are two injunction hearings set up this week to address the zoning issues. Both cases will be at the George Allen Sr. Courts Building (600 Commerce, Dallas 75202).

The Pretty Diver’s case (Cause Number DC18-08604) is this Monday, July 16 at 4:00PM in the 116th District Court (Judge Parker).

The Republic Ranch/ Palikia case (Cause Number DC18-08599) will be held this Thursday, July 19 from 10:30-1:30 in the 191st District Court (Judge Slaughter).

If you have been around Bryan Place for the past decade, you may have experienced the loud music coming from these establishments particularly on weekends and holidays. In most recent years, the west side of the neighborhood turns into a parking lot with cars blocking driveways, alcohol containers left in yards and on sidewalks, and patrons urinating on homes and shrubberies.

In both of these cases, there will likely not be time for testimonials on the criminal activity witnessed when these establishments are hosting an event, but we need a presence from the neighborhood residents to show our support of the zoning ordinances that are in place.

Cotton Mendenhall
Bryan Place Neighborhood Association