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Many of you know that the Bryan Place’s Happy Shapes project for lighting under the bridge at Central has been delayed for several years. The latest news, though, is that the art will not be placed at its planned location under the bridge.

Now we must decide whether we want the art relocated in Exall Park or whether we want to abandon the project altogether. Kay Kallos, Public Art Program Manager for the City of Dallas, will make a presentation at the General Meeting about our current options. She is also attempting to have the artists send a mock-up of one of the figures, along with a sample of the material to be used. Of course, at this point if we choose to go forward with the art, the figures can be scaled down and the number of figures can be reduced. Please come to the General Meeting to let you voice be heard in this important decision for Bryan Place.

The meet and greet starts at 6:30pm in the Pool House at 3030 Adolph with the meeting starting at 7:00pm.

More important news for our area is that the building at Hall and Ross has three tenants to fill the building. The building owner has worked hard to find tenants that he believes will be good for the area. He and his family plan to keep the building far into the future, and he wants to be a good neighbor. You can go on-line to the website for each of the establishments and explore information about the operations.

  • The largest will be Little Woodrow’s, which is a small-chain sports bar. They have acquired parking down the block to handle their parking needs.
  • The other two are a gourmet butcher shop called Burgundy Pasture Beef, from Ft. Worth, and
  • A craft wine and liquor store called the Bar and Garden, from California. The consultant for Bar and Garden, Rob Baldwin will attend the General Meeting to answer questions.

Take a look at these websites so that you’ll be informed.