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There are a lot of new streets in Bryan Place because of all the new homes and street additions. It has come to the Board’s attention that additional street toppers are needed.

You know – the little blue Bryan Place placards at the top of some of our street signs. The best way to pay for this project is to offer you the opportunity to adopt a sign. A list of the street needing signs is given here.

The list was generated by conducting a visual survey of the neighborhood to identify streets where a sign is absent and also where it is possible to install a topper. This is a great opportunity for you to contribute to Bryan Place in a way that is tangible. The additional signs will also help to better identify our neighborhood and facilitate the Bryan Place brand.

At the General Meeting on October 5, pledge cards will be available so that you can commit to adopting a specific street. It has been almost a year since we first researched the cost of additional signs, so between now and October 5, we will confirm and update the actual cost for each sign. Please consider supporting this effort to make our new residents feel included in the Bryan Place neighborhood.

  • Bryan St / Allen St
  • Bryan St / Cannen John Ln
  • Bryan St / Colten James Ln
  • Bryan St / Liberty St
  • Bryan St / Palm Canyon St
  • Bryan St / Palm Springs Ln
  • Bryan St / Rancho Mirage Dr
  • Bryan St / Sanborn St
  • Carmel St / Bryan St
  • Central Expy / Allen St
  • Convent St / N. Washington Ave.
  • Edgar Pl / Villars St
  • Live Oak St / Gordon
  • Live Oak St / Lacey Oaks Pl
  • Live Oak St / Liberty St
  • Live Oak St / Spanish Oaks Pl
  • Ross Ave / Liberty St
  • Ross Ave / McCoy St
  • Ross Ave / Pavillion St
  • Ross Ave / Villars St
  • San Jacinto St / Allen St
  • San Jacinto St / Liberty St
  • San Jacinto St / McCoy St
  • San Jacinto St / Pavillion St
  • San Jacinto St /Villars St