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On Wednesday, June 13, nearly fifty kids at the Exall Park summer program created their own tie-dyed t-shirts in a day of color and dye. The event was organized by Bryan
Place resident Phillip Bryan, with costs offset by the tie-dye tent at the May Symphony in the Park event.

Phillip worked with Heidi Hulin, program coordinator for the kid’s summer program at the Exall Park community center, to organize a day of tie dye for the kids. Phillip provided the dyes and supplies, Heidi organized the kids, and the kids each brought their own shirts to dye.

Several student interns from the program came to helped mix the dyes and set up the tie dye space in Phillip’s carport area. Then they walked over kids from the community
center about ten at a time, so that each one could soak, spin, and dye their shirts. Each participant would choose the design and colors for their shirt, with fire colors, water colors, and rainbow spirals being the orders of the day. In addition to shirts, some participants brought socks, pullovers, and pillowcases. The interns suited up everyone with aprons and gloves and assisted with the tie-dye process.

Phillip was thankful to Heidi and the intern students: “Heidi was great at getting the ball rolling and setting up a day like this for the kids. The interns from the summer program were a huge asset – their help made the whole day possible With so many people making shirts there was plenty of mess, but that’s part of the fun.”

After each person dyed their shirt, they placed them in individual bags so the colors could set. Two days later, the interns returned to complete the process. Each shirt was rinsed and washed, then hung to dry. Then all the shirts were taken back to the community center. The kids could retrieve and wear their shirts they’d created themselves.

It was an exhausting day, but the kids seemed to have a great time. The best part is that each participant went home with a shirt they’d created themselves.

Phillip hosts tie-dye events about once a month at his place, alternating between t-shirt workshops and silk workshops. If you’re interested in participating in a workshop or organizing a group event, you can contact him through the “Wemaster” link on the “contact Us” page.